Luggage Baggage Travel Tag Purple (not your bag)by Karmic Sanchita

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  • Made of soft pvc
  • Dimensions : 10.5 cms x 6.5 cms x 05cms, Weight : around 15 gms
  • Front : Product Graphics, Behind : Personal Details ( Name, Address, Phone Number etc )
  • Lanyard included

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The luggage tag is made of soft pvc and available in attractive funky colors, that makes your baggage immediately identifiable on the travel carousel, among other similar bags. It also helps to ensure that you picking your own bag and not anyone elses On the other side of the tags is where you'll find a place to personalize your tags! Helps protect against lost or stolen luggage - One less thing to worry about when traveling! Adjustable strap will fit any size luggage or personal item handle

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