Pigeon Children Toothpaste (Orange) 45g

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This toothpaste is an excellent cleaning paste for children's teethIt helps prevent tooth decay and promotes healthy gumIt contains limited foaming agent Orange flavour is harmless even if swallowed

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Your child2019;s teeth are very prone to cavity attacks during the initial years of infancy. Often food particles tend to stick to the surface of their teeth, which may later result to tooth ache, decay and other dental problems. Hence, you should select the best oral care for your little one, and when it comes to your little cherub, you should choose the best and Pigeon offers you nothing but the best. The new Pigeon Children Toothpaste is an excellent cleaning paste for the sensitive teeth of your little one. It fights against tooth decay and provides healthy gums that are free from cavities. The paste contains limited foaming agents and is gentle on the teeth. It comes in an orange flavour that is not harmful; even if your little one swallows it. It also makes sure that your baby enjoys thoroughly while brushing. This tangy orange flavoured toothpaste makes your baby2019;s brushing time exciting and fun.


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