Panasonic New Panasonic Rice Cooker Combo Gift Pack Srwa 18 Gh Cmb

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Product Description- Energy-Efficient Rice Cooker with Optimum Functionality Rice cookers don't require your constant attention, so you can easily multitask while the rice is being cooked. Made from plastic, the Panasonic SR-WA18GH rice cooker is durable and ensures long-lasting functionality. This white Panasonic rice cooker is a unique combination of looks and utility. Designed with Japanese technology, this cooker retains the nutritive value of food and consumes 660W of power, this proving to be energy-efficient. Enjoy preparing a variety of rice dishes like biryani and pulao for your family in no time using this rice cooker. Versatile and Convenient-to-Use This Panasonic Combo rice cooker can be used to cook other foods like steamed fish, vegetables and momos. It is equipped with a thermostat, letting you easily control the temperature of the rice cooker according to your cooking preference. You can use less oil while cooking in this Panasonic 660w rice cooker, making it a healthy cooking option for your family. The upper containers of the cooker are transparent, ensuring good visibility while the food is being cooked. The Panasonic 4.4 litre rice cooker also keeps your food warm for hours after it has been prepared. Moreover, you can easily clean and maintain this electric rice cooker. Brand: Panasonic Material: Plastic Capacity: 4.4L Safe and Durable Keeps food warm Thermostat for precision control Easy to clean and maintain Manufacturer's warranty: 2 years From the Manufacturer The Panasonic 4.4-Litre automatic rice cooker is a state of the art and easy to use automatic rice cooker that produces freshly boiled rice in a small duration of time. This compact and efficient rice cooker is easy to place on the kitchen countertops, and will not consume too much storage space. It is available in white colour and has floral designs all around the bottom which makes it look classy.