Lego Airjitzu Kai Flyer, Multi Color

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Brand: LEGO

Helicopter features a large cockpit, spinning twin rotors, working winch and an opening loading bay Accessory elements include a walkie-talkie, box, three gold coins and a yellow and blue diamond Explore the ocean's depths Spin the rotors Race to the scene in the deep sea helicopter.

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Lego kai is kitted out with his special airjitzu outfit and awesome ninja weapons. Build the lego brick handle and place kai in the capsule. Twist and lock the capsule to the vortex rotor and pull the rip cord to send the ninja hero spinning into the sky. The harder you pull, the higher kai will fly.Includes: 6 weapons, 1 mini figure and 1 airjitzu spinner. Features a buil dable lego brick handle, vortex rotor, mini figure capsule, and a rip cord.

5 - 8 Years