Lego Changing Seasons, Multi Color

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Brand: LEGO

Accessory elements include electric blue and pink wigs, hair accessories, three fabric skirts, beauty product containers, flowers, fan mail, fruit, bottle, magazine and a bone for cookie Fold open the dressing room to display the different areas Choose your favourite skirt and take it off the hanger Try different skirts and hair colours on livi to make a better show out fitFold out the dressing room to create a pampering area for cookie the dalmatian pup.

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Enjoy summer, autumn and winter with the 3-in-1 changing seasons set. The changing seasons summer cottage features a pool, barbecue, light brick and 2 mini figures, and rebuilds into an autumn or winter cottage. Enjoy the delights of summer, autumn or winter with the wonderful 3-in-1 lego creator changing seasons set. Welcome to the charming summer cottage with its dark-red, tiled roof, green front door, red and white awnings and colorful window boxes. Outside, a small bird perches in the high branches of a large apple tree and a shiny blue car gleams in the bright sunshine that lights up the wonderful garden with lawn, vegetable patch and swimming pool. This beautifully detailed model also features a mailbox, lawn mower, chaise lounge and a table. Light up the barbecue with the light brick or fold out the cottage to reveal a detailed interior with a table, lamp, chair and a ladder. When you feel like a change of season, rebuild it to create an autumn cottage with a halloween theme or a winter cottage with a christmas theme. Includes 2 mini figures with assorted accessories: an adult and a child. Interior features a table, lamp, chair and a ladder. Exterior features 2 awnings, window boxes, a swimming pool with diving board and basketball hoop, barbecue with lego light brick, lawn, lawn mower, vegetable patch, lamp, tree, bird, chaise lounge, table and a mailbox with mail. Includes a blue car with space for a mini figure. Accessory elements include a glass, sausage, basketball, barbecue tongs and a peaked cap. Tan, dark-red and white color scheme.

8 Years & Above