Funskool Game of Life

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Brand: Funskool

Classic board game breaks down an entire lifespan into a series of choices and chance Earn valuable life tiles by doing good deedsRetire with the biggest fortuneOne of the most popular games in the family game category

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The Game of Life by Funs kool India Ltd. is a fun game of choice and chance. Spinning the wheel of fortune gives a chance to experience the entire course of life, from education to retirement. It is a great way to instill good values in children and teach them about helping others, getting educated, making career choices, the importance of insurance and money management. The game also throws some light on the stock market, which is a good way to introduce children to making investments and calculating risks. The Game of Life is one of those board games for kids that will instill a winning spirit within each player. Introducing this game at the right age can help in shaping young minds, making them more focused in life.

The Game of Life board game is a 3D, multi-coloured game. It weighs about 998 grams and measures 50.8 cm x 30.4 cm x 6.2 cm. This is a six-piece set and requires some assembly before the kids start playing. The contents include the game board, plastic people pegs, six plastic car pawns, plastic mountains, spinner and bridge, 25 life tiles, MB money, a deck containing 36 cards, bank loans, insurance policies and label and instruction sheets.

8 Years & Above