Funskool Snakes And Ladders, Multi Color

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Brand: Funskool

This delightful game is simple and easy to play, even for children who can't readIdeal for younger children who are still learning to take turnsNo reading required A gentle introduction to the higher numbers as players climb to 100 at the top of the board

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Classic Board Game for Family and Friends:

Let your kids enjoy fun-filled hours with the Funs kool Snakes and Ladders board game. Your kids will love spending their leisure time engrossed in playing this popular game with their friends. Watch your children get thrilled with suspense as they roll the dice, anticipating or trying to save themselves from the venomous hold of the snake. You can also join your kids in this snakes and ladders board game and relive the memories of your childhood. Moreover, it has simple rules which can be easily understood by kids.

5 - 8 Years