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Travel Sentry Security Luggage Padlock Travel Sentry, Inc. Is A Company That Establishes And Manages Standards Used In Travel Security. The Company Was Founded In 2003. Travel Sentry Developed The Tsa Lock System, That Is "Accepted And Recognized" By The Tsa And Allows Security Agencies, Using Special Tools And Codes, To Open And Re-Lock Locks. If Conventional Locks Are Used For Locking The Bags Those Locks Are Broke Open To Check The Luggage And For The Rest Of The Journey Luggage Is Vulnerable. The Tools Provided By Travel Sentry Are At Every Luggage Screening Checkpoint At All 450 Airports Controlled By The Tsa. Do Buy Padlocks As It Ensures Safety While Traveling. This Combination Lock Is Approved By Tsa (Transportation Security Administration). This Combination Lock Is Accepted And Recognized By The American Tsa (Transportation Security Administration). Allows Tsa Personnel To Check Your Luggage Without Damaging The Combination Lock. Choose Your Own Secret 3-Dial Combination. Available In Color If Any Color Choice Pl Mail Or Call Us Otherwise We Ship Randomly