MahaGro Herbal Bath Powder- 200 g from MahaGro

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A very unique and premium mixture of all kinds of required herbs for a great and healthy skin! 100% Organic Premium Bath Powder with 28 herbal ingredients to give your body and face an instant glow.

1. Helps in removing all kinds of marks and gets rid of dead skin.
2. The bath powder has a sweet, natural, camphor fragrance.
3. Does not dry the skin by maintaining skin moisture levels.
4. Bath powder is very fine and gentle and will not irritate or hurt skin during exfoliation.

Ingredients:Neem Leaf Powder, Soapberries Powder, Green Gram Powder, Indian Gooseberry, Bibhitaki, Gall nut, Lemon Peel Powder, Cassia auriculata, Bel Leaf Powder, Nut Grass Powder, Curcuma zedoaria, Nut Grass Powder, Vetiver, Psoralea seeds, Indian Maddar, Indian Spikenard, Costus Speciosus, Rose Flower Powder, Sweet Lime Peel Powder, Souther Wood(Fragrant Herb) Camphor, Cardamom, Horse Gram, Fox tail millets, Wheat, Rice, Red Gram

Ideal for men and women with all kinds of skin types.

Directions: Mix desired amount of bath powder in water and gently rub on body and face. Wash after.