Krishkare Wild Berries Body Wash Douche Gel

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The KRISHKARE HERBAL Body Wash has the power of pure extracts of wild berries. Wild berry extract is derived from three types of berries, redcurrant, blueberry and raspberry, and contains polar lipids and citric fruit to help boost and optimize the natural process of skin hydration. The polar lipids contained in this extract are biomimetic of the polar lipids in the skin. They enter the protective barrier of the skin to restore its organization. Transepidermal water loss is regulated and the skin stays hydrated. Citric acid contained in this extract belongs to the AHA family (Alpha-Hydroxy Acid) known for their complexion radiance-boosting action. Acting also as fuel for cells, it provides the necessary energy for synthesizing GAGs (GlycosAminoGlycans) which act as water reserves for the skin. The Body Wash also contains the added benefits of Aloe Vera. Regular usage of the Body wash leaves your skin freshened, supple and flawless.