Biotique Bio Almond Oil Soothing Face and Eye Makeup Cleanser, 120mlfrom Biotique

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Product Description

This soothing cleanser is blended with nourishing almond, safflower, sesame, neem and staff tree oils to dissolve heavy face and eye makeup easily and gently.

From the Manufacturer

Clearing the makeup and leaving skin pores open and unblocked is good for skin health. So, a product like Biotique Bio Almond Oil Soothing Face Eye Make Up Cleanser can be a good addition to your skin care kit.

This soothing makeup remover cleans eye and face makeup easily. It also has ingredients that makes it soft and palliative while clearing the face of applied products. Eyes are a sensitive area and products used on them need to be gentle and soothing. Biotique Almond Oil Face Eye Make Up Cleanser is ideally suited for an eye cleanser. It is primarily made of many nourishing oils.

This Make Up Cleanser from Biotique is a natural product and has many oil extracts that are beneficial to the skin, while it also cleanses the skin. These oils help clear the skin quickly. This Ayurvedic product can quickly clear heavy makeup and still leave the skin feeling smooth and silky.

Apply the cleanser on a wet cotton swab and wipe off eye and face makeup. It penetrates the skin and cleanses deeply. At the same time, this natural-care makeup remover provides nutrients that can help the skin stay soft and smooth.

Product Features

This product is suitable for women. Deep Cleansing Makeup Remover. Has been dermatologist tested for safety of use on face and eyes. It is an organic, Ayurvedic product and does not contain any preservatives. Contains many natural oils like almond, sesame and sunflower oils. It comes in a quantity of 120 ml.