White Light Teeth Whitening Kit For Personal Dental Careby eForChina

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Operation Method:

Step 1: Unlock Whitening Light Battery Cap

- The LED teeth whitening light has an estimated run time of 48 hours on one set of batteries before replacement batteries are needed.

- LED teeth whitening light takes two CR2025 batteries.

- Replacement batteries can be purchased at most local drug stores.

Step 2: Remove Plastic Insert

- After removing the LED battery cap, remove the contents and locate a clear plastic disc insert.

- The plastic insert serves as a barrier between the conductor and the lithium ion batteries.

- A barrier is required to prevent the batteries from losing power.

- Discard the plastic inserts, re-insert the batteries, and twist the cover back onto the LED teeth whitening light.

Step 3: Whiten Your Teeth

Step 4: Let The Gel Work

- Treatment times vary based on sensitivity levels and your schedule but the "rule of thumb" is the longer you leave the gel in contact with your teeth, the quicker the results will appear.

- Normal sessions last for a minimum of 20 minutes and a maximum of 3 hours (avoid tooth sensitivity by shortening the session or by using our desensitizing gel)