Cameleon Nose Pore Strips / Blackhead Removel Strips (10 Strips) from Cameleon

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Your Ultimate Blackhead Removal Aid

Frowning at those tiny blackheads that keep popping up on your nose and marring your beauty? A quick, easy solution to eradicating the irksome blackheads are the Cameleon blackhead removal strips. These nose pore strips with tea tree leaf oil instantly work on your skin to remove the dark heads within a few minutes. Regular use of the nose strips results in taut pores and a vibrant and fresh looking countenance. with these blackhead removal strips, you no longer need to go to the parlour to pinch and poke out those blackheads.

Easy and Quick Blackhead Removal

Cameleon nose pore strips provide you with a noticeable difference even after a single use. The unique tea tree oil formula freshens up your skin by getting rid of the dirt and oily grime that clogs the pores of the skin. It enables the skin to breathe freely and gives it an instant lift. Use this 10 nose pore strips pack regularly to get the best results. Apply one strip over the nose tip keeping it for 10-15 minutes until it's dry. Then, peel it off to do away with those tedious blackheads.

Product Features

Brand: Cameleon

Gender: Unisex

Contains 10 nose pore strips

Unique tea tree leaf oil formula to get rid of oil and dirt which clog skin pores

Recommended use: Regular usage (one strip at a time) for fresh, glowing skin

Passed MSDS test report by Shifei