Krishkare Aloe Vera Facial Kit

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1– KRISHKARE’S Aloe Vera Cleansing Cream : This cleansing cream containing Aloe Vera extracts removes dirt, grim, grease and deep cleanses your skin, opening pores of your skin.

2 – KRISHKARE’S Aloe Vera Scrub : This scrub enriched with Aloe Vera enzyme helps peeling off dead skin cells, which aids in regenerating the skin. It also helps in removing surface blemishes, and superficial pigmentation while minimizing the enlarged pores and gives even tone to skin.

3– KRISHKARE’S Aloe Vera Massage Cream : After scrubbing with Aloe Vera scrub apply massage cream which is rich in Aloe Vera extracts. It reduces excess oil, improves skin tone, tightens the skin, gives a younger looking skin.

4 – KRISHKARE’S Aloe Vera Real Gel Toning : This Aloe Vera real gel toner is high in vitamin C and E. This nutrients tightens the skin reduces wrinkles and lightens age spots. It also mildly bleaches the skin improving skin tone.

5– KRISHKARE’S Aloe Vera Face Pack : Aloe Vera face pack removes scars and blemishes from the face making it soft and smooth. It has natural bleaching properties to improve the complexion of the skin. It also removes the dead epithelial cells and replenishes with the fresh glowing skin. The Aloe Vera help to speed up natural skin renewal leaving the skin looking fresher & younger. It absorbs excess sebum, opens the pores, detoxifies the skin, reduces wrinkles and leaves the skin smooth, tight and fresh.