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Nokia 105 carries forward Nokia’s legacy of manufacturing stylish and durable phones. This budget-friendly device is designed to make mobile phones available to everyone. With a sturdy black body and sporty looks, this Nokia device offers you all the essential features and yet fits your basic style requirements. While touchscreen smartphones have become the buzzwords in the world of mobile phones, this nifty device proves that sometimes a basic phone can be worth its weight in gold. This simple and durable phone is a great choice for those who need basic utility applications on a daily basis. It’s also ideal for professionals who would rather buy a low-cost handset for regular use and keep the smartphone for their work-related needs. With an astounding battery life that includes over 30 days of standby time, this Nokia phone is a steal for its price!

Slim, Durable and Sporty for Comfort and Style

Made from durable materials, the Nokia 105 cell phone is designed to take heavy use without getting damaged. Available in black and cyan, it features a dust-proof and splash-proof keypad which is as tough as the rest of the 107 x 44.8 mm body. The sporty monoblock shape features rounded edges with an alphanumeric keypad, 4-way Navi Key and Power/End key. Whether you need a phone for outdoor activities like camping or hiking, to take along on your vacation or simply for day-to-day use, this device can be a great choice. In addition to being super-strong, the slim 14.3mm wide body and light weight profile makes it easy to carry wherever you go.

Attractive Colour Display for Ease of Use

The simple design of the Nokia 105 mobile phone is complemented by a 1.4-inch colour screen. It renders images at 128 x 128 pixel resolution in RGB-stripe HighColor (16-bit/64k) colours. When you’re using the phone, the colourful icons and highlighting offers a convenient contrast to its bold body. A clear display makes it easy to read text messages, contact names and any other items that are displayed on the screen. Other than the fact that it is easy to read, the colour display also brings an added dimension of style to the phone.

Extended Battery Life and Backup

The battery life of the Nokia 105 is its most amazing feature, with an 800mAh BL-5CB removable battery always keeping it on its toes. When it is fully charged, the phone offers a maximum talk time of 12.5 hours and a standby time of up to 35 days. With what seems like unlimited battery life, keeping the phone charged is no problem, and there is no need to worry about conserving the battery by cutting your calls short either. Other than basic use, this extended battery backup makes the phone perfect for people who travel often or to remote places, where they may not be able to keep a smartphone juiced up.

Communicate with Friends, Family and Colleagues

The Nokia 105 mobile phone includes call management features like call waiting, call history, call forwarding, conference call and call logs for dialed, received and missed calls. Its built-in memory supports up to five phonebooks and 500 contacts, so you can store numbers with ease. The phone includes SMS text messaging with a list of recently used numbers for extra convenience, as well as vibrating alerts for calls and text messages. Integrated hands-free speakers also allow you to use the phone when you’re on the move or working on other tasks. The Nokia 105 supports GSM FR, GSM HR and GSM EFR speech codecs.

Extra Features and Utilities
In addition to calls and text messages, the Nokia 105 cell phone includes a variety of features for entertainment and functionality. It can be set up with a PIN code for secure access, speaking clock and five programmable alarms for different requirements. A built-in flashlight allows you to use the phone to light your way at night or as an emergency lighting option when the power goes out. You can access FM radio by simply plugging in the headset, which means you will have music wherever you go. Preloaded games offer entertainment too, in addition to the music features. The phone runs on Nokia OS and also includes a digital clock, calculator, calendar, converter and expense Manager.

General Features

SIM Type:
Dual Sim
Touch Sreen:
Video Calling:


Screen Size:
1.5 Inch
Screen Resolution:
Others, 128x128 pixels Pixels Pixels


Operating System:
NA v0 (NA)
0 MHz


Battery Type:
800 mAh

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