Pure Copper 3 RCA - 3 RCA Composite Audio Video AV Cable TV LCD LED DTH - 1.5m

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Premium 3 RCA To 3 RCA Audio Video Cable Length: 1.5 Meters Item Description Used to give sharp and clear video and sound for home theater framework Tvs DVD players computerized link/satellite boxes A/V beneficiaries can associate video hardware with composite video and sound yield jacks to TVs or projectors with composite sound and video input jacks Fully screened link (protected) - This counteracts obstruction and diminishes clamor and crosstalk from different sources that might be arranged around the link.

The flag delivered is a ton cleaner with less deformities. Strong PVC coat - This thick coat secures the link against wear and tear. Link strain alleviation to secure the link - Enables the link to be twisted in a large number of headings without breaking not at all like many leads sold by various organizations.