Biotique Bio Chlorophyll Oil Free Anti-Acne Gel & Post Hair Removal Soother For Oily & Acne Prone Skin, 50G from Biotique

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Product Description

This refreshing, anti-bacterial moisturizer is blended with chlorophyll and extracts of seaweed, sea algae, aloe vera and gum Arabic to tighten pores, avert blemishes and keep skin nourished and clear without flaking.

From the Manufacturer

Acne is one of the biggest problems for a lot of people, particularly for those with oily skin. Especially during summers, the condition gets worse with the extreme heat and humidity. The oil glands become more active and the skin gets extremely oily and using a moisturiser becomes almost impossible as it makes the skin prone to extreme oiliness. But if you dont use anything on your skin to protect and nourish it, it becomes lifeless with each passing day and the acne condition only worsens.

Biotique oil-free anti-acne gel is a gel based moisturiser which is absolutely oil free and works wonders on acne prone skin. It comes with chlorophyll and extracts of seaweed, sea algae, aloe vera, and gum arabic. All these ingredients help in the prevention of blemishes and soothe the skin. The skin doesnt feel tight and flaky. It feels smooth and is nourished from within.

All the Biotique products are made with the combination of ayurvedic recipes and current era of science and biotechnology.

Biotique Bio Chlorophyll anti-acne gel can be applied twice daily, on absolutely cleansed face and neck, for best results. You would be able to see the difference for yourself a few days after using the product. It can also be used after waxing or after removing hair from your skin to prevent any kind of irritation and redness.

Product Features

It can be used by both men and women. It is suitable for oily skin. It comes in a quantity of 65g. Key ingredients are chlorophyll, extracts of seaweed, sea algae, aloe vera, and gum arabic. It comes in a sturdy packaging and is travel friendly. It is dermatologically tested and is absolutely safe to use, also organically pure and free from preservatives.