Chitrakaharitaki Lehya 150Gm

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Chitrakaharitaki Lehya is an effective remedy for allergies of the respiratory tract. It has a very good action on diseases like Allergic rhinitis, Sinusitis, Cough and Asthma. It also acts on the digestive system and can be used to treat diseases like Loss of appetite, Piles, Constipation and Abdominal distension. Indication: Abdominal lump, Condition in which there is upward movement of vayu, Chronic-rhinitis Sinusitis, Cough, Dyspnoea/ Asthma, Heamorrhoids, Digestive impairment, Pthisis, Helminthiasis/ Worm infestation. Dosage: 6-12 grams or as prescribed by the physician. Anupana: Milk Each gram contains: SN Sanskrit Name Qty 1. Guda 480.00 mg 2. Pathya (Haritaki) churna 307.00 mg 3. Madhu 38.40 mg 4. Shunti 9.60 mg 5. Maricha 9.60 mg 6. Pippali 9.60 mg 7. Twak 9.60 mg 8. Ela 9.60 mg 9. Patra 9.60 mg 10. Kshara (Yavakshara) 2.40 mg 11. Chitrakamoola kwath Q.S. 12. Amlaki kwath Q.S. 13. Guduchirasa (Kwath) Q.S. 14. Dashamularasa (Kwath) Q.S. 15. Bronopol 0.5 mg

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