Bajaj RCX1 Electric Cooker

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Cooking rice after a long hard day, in warmth over the fire is not extremely alluring. It is dreary and to a great degree tedious. Be that as it may, with the Bajaj RCX1 Electric Cooker, cooking rice is the least difficult occupation. You can now steam rice only the way you need, in a matter of minutes. This rice cooker has a decent limit of 0.4 liters and can concoct to 0.2 kg of rice. It doesn't devour excessively control and is in this way, vitality proficient. The rice cooker is not quite recently intended to make rice but rather you can likewise utilize it to steam sustenance and make soups. It has a 24 months guarantee and will keep going you long.

0.4 liter Capacity

The Bajaj RCX1 Electric Cooker has a limit of 0.4 liter. This cooker is sufficient to make rice enough for one individual. Along these lines, on the off chance that you live alone or make rice for just a single part in the family, this rice cooker is great.

Material and Design

The body of the Bajaj RCX1 Electric Cooker is made of a solid and durable material. It has a straightforward glass top which enables you to investigate check whether the rice has cooked legitimately or not. The material is anything but difficult to perfect too and has a gleaming completion. The handles of the rice cooker are made of cool-to-touch material, so dealing with it after the sustenance is cooked, won't be troublesome. The outline of the cooker is reduced and smooth. It gauges 17.78 cm in stature and 15.24 cm in width. Along these lines, it will fit in anyplace in the kitchen. The cooker is likewise appealing to take a gander at and as it is white in shading, it will suit any sort of kitchen style.

Utility and Benefits

The cooker from Bajaj can be utilized to complete different undertakings other than cooking rice. You can steam nourishment in it and furthermore make delectable soups. So essentially, cooking a dinner for one individual is greatly simple with this kitchen machine. The electric rice cooker is accessible with a spatula, a cooking dish and a measuring glass, which makes cooking a less demanding procedure. So now you require purchase these things independently. Likewise, you can quantify the things you cook in the machine so there will be zero chance of spillage or the sustenance being undercooked. The Bajaj RCX1 Electric Cooker is to a great degree vitality proficient as it devours 200 W of energy and requires a power contribution of 230 V. This will help you eliminated your power charges by an extensive sum.


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