Bajaj RCX1 Electric Cooker

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Cooking rice after a long hard day, in heat over the flame is not very desirable. It is tedious and extremely time-consuming. However, with the Bajaj RCX1 Electric Cooker, cooking rice is the simplest job. You can now steam rice just the way you want, in a matter of minutes. This rice cooker has a good capacity of 0.4 litres and can cook up to 0.2 kg of rice. It does not consume too much power and is therefore, energy-efficient. The rice cooker is not just meant to make rice but you can also use it to steam food and make soups. It has a 24 months warranty and will last you long. Therefore, you can now shop online at Snapdeal for this Bajaj rice cooker at a reasonable price, to add utility to your kitchen and save time.

0.4 litre Capacity

The Bajaj RCX1 Electric Cooker has a capacity of 0.4 litre. This cooker is enough to make rice enough for one person. Therefore, if you live alone or make rice for only one member in the family, this rice cooker is perfect.

Material and Design

The body of the Bajaj RCX1 Electric Cooker is made of a durable and sturdy material. It has a transparent glass lid which allows you to take a look inside to see if the rice has cooked properly or not. The material is easy to clean as well and has a glossy finish. The handles of the rice cooker are made of cool-to-touch material, so handling it after the food is cooked, will not be difficult. The design of the cooker is compact and sleek. It measures 17.78 cm in height and 15.24 cm in width. Therefore, it will fit in anywhere in the kitchen. The cooker is also attractive to look at and as it is white in colour, it will suit any kind of kitchen decor.

Utility and Benefits

The cooker from Bajaj can be used to finish various tasks other than cooking rice. You can steam food in it and also make delicious soups. So basically, cooking a meal for one person is extremely easy with this kitchen appliance. The electric rice cooker is available with a spatula, a cooking bowl and a measuring cup, which makes cooking an easier process. So now you need buy these things separately. Also, you can measure the things you cook in the appliance so there will be no chance of spillage or the food being undercooked. The Bajaj RCX1 Electric Cooker is extremely energy-efficient as it consumes 200 W of power and requires a power input of 230 V. This will help you cut down on your electricity bills by a considerable amount.


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