Bajaj 2.8 L RCX28 Rice Cooker White

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Bajaj rice cooker with stainless steel lid which is the perfect solution to cater to your kitchen needs. A great time saver and convenience enhancer the electric cooker is bound to simplify your effort in the kitchen. You can now make just that perfect fluffy rice in this cooker. Apart from the regular rice, you can use this cooker to make yummy biryanis, pulao’s, steam vegetables and even make oatmeal or soups.

This versatile appliance can be plugged into an electrical socket and you’re good to go. Place it on the kitchen counter or in a small pantry the output is the same; perfectly made rice. The Bajaj rice cooker with stainless steel lid is elegantly designed and has affordable pricing. The value you derive out of this electric rice cooker is far greater than the price you pay for it. The kitchen appliance promises great service and comes with a 2-year warranty. You will love this product for its convenience and the effort and times it saves you by hastening the cooking process.


The Bajaj rice cooker with stainless steel lid has a capacity of 2.8 litres and it is suitable for large families. This can be easily used when entertaining a large number of guests at home. You can cook a large quantity of rice without any hassles. You could conveniently make even special rice dishes with the help of this sturdy cooker on a daily basis or on special occasions.


The rice cooker is made using resilient raw-material and comes with a stainless steel which makes this sturdy and durable to use. It only consumes 1000 watt power and hence is an energy efficient option. This cooker fits with easy to grip handles which enhances the usability.


The Bajaj rice cooker with stainless steel lid is an electrical appliance and will work when plugged into a power socket. You cannot use this on a gas top or in a microwave. The energy efficient cooker is meant for use only through an electrical power point.


Very safe to use, this cooker has automatic power options and the cooker switches off after the rice is cooked. With this durable cooker, you will not have to deal with flaming gas tops thereby enhancing your safety and comfort. The easy to grip handles make it easy for you to work with this appliance. Cooking with this appliance will be a pleasure.