Bajaj Popular 1400-Watt Induction Cooktop

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Bajaj Popular 1400-Watt Induction Cooktop

Product Description

Sophisticated Modern Cooking

Bring home this sophisticated Bajaj Popular induction cooktop and simplify your cooking. The induction coil generates a magnetic field which in turn induces an electric current in the cooking utensil, thus heating it up. The surface of the Bajaj Popular 1400 watt induction cooktop, however, stays cool, ruling out the occurrence of accidental burns. The control panel has five feather-touch tact switches to control time, temperature and heating options. It displays seven in-built heating options for a variety of Indian menus. Moreover, the unique shut-off mechanism automatically turns the unit off in a minute, when no utensil is detected on its surface.

Multifunctional and Time Saving

In your busy day-to-day life, this Bajaj induction cooktop will be of utmost assistance. You can preset the time and temperature to cook a particular dish and continue with other household chores. In addition, the heat is evenly distributed in the cooking vessel to enable you to cook food quickly. With its keep-warm functionality, you can always serve your food hot and tasty. You can conveniently use induction-compatible cookware made of cast iron and stainless steel with this cooktop. This Bajaj induction stove saves time and energy, and it is easy to clean and maintain.

  • Brand: Bajaj
  • Power: 1400W
  • Control panel: 5 Feather-touch tact switches and seven heating options for Indian menus
  • Automatic shut-off mechanism within 1 min if no vessel is detected
  • Surface resistant to thermal shock and magnetic radiation
  • Compatible with induction cookware

From the Manufacturer

Bajaj Popular 1400-Watt Induction Cooktop is an induction stove which assists in cooking without gas. Its control panel has 5 soft-touch tact switches. The power switch is provided to turn on or turn off the unit. Timer switch denotes the time taken for cooking a dish. Preset timer option comes in handy when you want to program the device to automatically turn off after a specified time duration. This feature allows you to carry out other household chores when the dish is cooked. As induction cookware induces heat only within the vessel while keeping the cooking zone cool, it is absolutely safe and avoids the occurrence of slips and accidental burns as in gas stoves.

The heating options include 7 built-in Indian menu options, namely Dosa/Chapathi, Deep Fry, Pressure Cooker, Heat Milk, Curry, Saute, and Idli. The function selection switch is used to choose between heating functions, time, and temperature. +/- buttons are used to set the desired function ,time, and temperature as per your recipe. If no vessel is detected beyond one minute, the smart auto shut-off mechanism automatically switches off the supply.

The Bajaj Popular induction cooktop supports stainless steel or cast iron cookwares. Its ceramic insulating top ensures that no heat is lost from the cookware’s bottom. It not only saves time and energy but is also easy to clean and maintain, as no grease or grit is formed at the bottom of the vessel.

Product Features
  • Has the “Keep warm” mode and features 7 in-built Indian menu heating options.
  • Control panel has feather- touch keys to choose temperature, time and type of heating.
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty.
  • Operates at 1400W power.
  • Includes auto shut-off feature.

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