Krishkare Vegetable Clean Bar

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he Clean Bar is a portable cleaning appliance that cleans, sterilizes and deodorizes objects. It utilizes long and short wave ultrasound to removes fine dust, pesticides residue and surface contaminants from objects while sterilizing bacteria with water soluble ozone.

Clean Bar can be used on a wide range of objects including fruits, vegetables, cutlery, cooking utensils and baby products.

Clean Bar increases the longevity and freshness of fruits and vegetables by removing contaminants that stuck in dents and fine crevices that cannot be reached by hand washing.


  • Ultrasound waves
    - Removing residual pesticides and other impurities
    - an ultrasound waves passes through water and cleans residual pesticides, and harmful fine dust, and assists effective sanitization through ozone.
  • Ozone
    - Sanitization, desensitization, and getting rid of bacteria
    - FDA has approved that ozone containing water can effectively remove microbes
    - Ozone containing water is effective in removing bacteria, virus, and smell on fruits, vegetables, and small kitchen appliances

Detailed features:

  • Fruit/vegetable sterilization without the use of detergents or harmful chemicals
  • Removes fine dust ( residual pesticides, toxic heavy metals, bacteria ),<>
  • Portable long life rechargeable battery
  • Embedded battery, handy to carry outside
  • No external power needed, reducing the risk of electric shock
  • Long battery life with no standby power
  • One touch, easy to use operation
  • 4 levels of strength
  • Battery life monitor
  • Operating time: 2-3 minutes
  • Ideal amount of water: 3-4 L
  • Use: Washing fruit and vegetables, sanitizing baby bottles, small kitchen appliances and toys