Krishkare Vegetable Clean Bar

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Clean Bar can be used on a wide range of objects including organic products, vegetables, cutlery, cooking utensils and infant items.

Clean Bar builds the life span and freshness of leafy foods by evacuating contaminants that stuck in imprints and fine fissure that can't be come to by hand washing.

Ultrasound waves

- Removing remaining pesticides and different debasements

- a ultrasound waves goes through water and cleans remaining pesticides, and hurtful fine tidy, and helps successful purification through ozone.


- Sanitization, desensitization, and disposing of microscopic organisms

- FDA has endorsed that ozone containing water can successfully expel microorganisms

- Ozone containing water is powerful in evacuating microscopic organisms, infection, and smell on natural products, vegetables, and little kitchen machines

Detailed features:

  • Natural product/vegetable cleansing without the utilization of cleansers or destructive chemicals
  • Expels fine clean ( leftover pesticides, lethal substantial metals, microscopic organisms ),<>
  • Versatile long life rechargeable battery
  • Inserted battery, helpful to convey outside
  • No outside power required, diminishing the danger of electric stun
  • Long battery existence with no standby power
  • One touch, simple to utilize operation
  • 4 levels of quality
  • Battery life screen
  • Working time: 2-3 minutes
  • Perfect measure of water: 3-4 L
  • Utilize: Washing leafy foods, disinfecting child bottles, little kitchen apparatuses and toys