Bajaj 1200 mm Bahar Ceiling Fan Brown

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The Bajaj Bahar Brown 1200 mm ceiling fan is a wonderful combination of utility, style and efficiency. The three blades each sport a simple yet modern relief design that makes the fan look good. Brown in colour, it will complement the decor and wall colour of any room. In an office space, it is appropriate for large cabins, conference rooms or cafeterias. It can also be used in commercial establishments like shops, or even in schools and colleges. At home you can install this Bajaj fan in the living room, study, dining room, bedroom, guest room, or home office.

Body and Blades

The fan has three blades and is made of quality materials and is laminated with superior grade electric steel. The major benefits of this special lamination are a reduction in power consumption and durability.

Wide Air Delivery

The air delivery area that the blades cover is 190 CMM. This ceiling fan has a powerful blade rotation speed of 380 RPM and the fan’s sweep is 1200 mm. Whether the room is medium, large, or small in size, the blades of the Bajaj Bahar Brown 1200 mm ceiling fan will circulate air to every corner of the room. The wide blades help to keep any room cool and properly ventilated.

Power Consumption

The power consumption of this Bajaj fan is only 80 W. As it does not consume a lot of power, you can use it all day or all night long without worrying about running up a substantial electricity bill.

Other Important Features

The high-quality ball bearing enables the fan to operate without being noisy. The automatic winding feature makes it a reliable product. A feature-rich appliance, the Bajaj Bahar Brown 1200 mm provides high air delivery during low voltage conditions too. These additional features make it a must-have product, so shop online for it at Snapdeal, at an affordable price.

Care and Maintenance

Maintenance of this Bajaj Bahar Brown 1200 mm is important to ensure both efficiency and safety. To avoid the accumulation of dust on the blades, dust the blades with a soft, fluffy duster once a week. Once a month, spray the blades with a solution of vinegar and water and wipe with a cotton cloth to get rid of stubborn grime. Also, do remember to get an electrician to take a look at the balance of the blades, the electrical connection and motor once a year.