Bajaj 1000W Immersion Rod

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Immersion rods are the most economical way to heat up your bathing water quickly. They save you a lot of time and effort to warm the water as compared to other conventional means of heating.Keeping this in mind we give you the Bajaj immersion rod for excellent water heating purposes at an affordable price.

Sleek Design

The Bajaj immersion rod is a sleek appliance that can be easily stored anywhere and does not take much space as compared to bulky water heaters. The temperature can be easily controlled by turning turn it off and on as per your needs. It is safe to operate as there is no combustion process and heats your water using electricity.

Trusted Brand

The trusted brand of Bajaj brings this user friendly immersion rod made from good quality material. There are no flames involved or any safety hazard as this immersion rod can be dipped in to the bucket or water tub for heating without any hassles.

Energy Efficient

Bajaj immersion rod consumes only 1000W an hour and is made of hair pin tubular element which is anti-corrosive metal. This allows the use of such rust –free material to be immersed in water for long periods of time without the fear of any damages and makes it a durable immersion rod.

Electric Heater

This heater comes with a 3 pin plug with earth grounding, and fits in any socket without any hassles. The electric immersion rod has thick copper wire which is heat and corrosion resistant. The appliance can work on a normal 5 Ampere socket without the fear of overloads. Always remember to switch off the immersion before removing from the water.


Available with a warranty of 1 year,Bajaj immersion rod is ideal if you are looking for a low cost, energy saving water heating solution. Make sure you fill the warranty card when you purchase the product to avail this feature.The energy efficient heating rod comes from Bajaj – a brand known for producing excellent household products and providing long lasting service in the form of warranty to ensure satisfaction of the consumers.

User Friendly

So why wait? Come and shop with Snapdeal to make this product yours. Also check for various other offers and make your life simple. This immersion heating rod is an economical and must-buy product that relieves you from the tedious task of heating water every morning or after a tiring day’s work.

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Brand :
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Immersion Rod - 1000W
Power Consumption:
1000 watts
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