LG GL-B292SWCM 258 L Double Door Refrigerator

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Look no further than the LG GL-B292SWCM double door washing machine, if you are looking for one at Snapdeal at an affordable price range. Now, storing food or beverage for later consumption is no more a challenging task. This utilitarian appliance is brought to you by popular brand LG, quality performance is a given. It is made under stringent quality norms to meet the requirement of the users. To add to the trust of the brand the refrigerator also comes with a warranty of 1 year on the product. The LG refrigerator helps comes with numerous utilitarian features that make the product a must-have. Features like the smart inverter compressor, moist balance crisper, multi air-flow, Humidity Controller, Ever Fresh Zone, and many more contribute to the fact that this refrigerator is worth the purchase. This refrigerator is suitable for both apartments of all sizes.

258 litres Capacity
The LG GL-B292SWCM double door washing machine has a capacity of 258 litres. This is more than enough for a family of four. The fridge is extremely spacious and will be able to store a food and beverages for a small party as well.
Star Rating
With a power rating of 2 stars, the LG GL-B292SWCM double door washing machine refrigerator will help you cut down drastically on your electricity bill as it is extremely energy-efficient. It works without a stabilizer and requires 135 V - 290 V.
The LG GL-B292SWCM double door washing machine has a stylish and contemporary design along with being highly utilitarian. It does not take up much space as it measures 585 mm in width, 671 mm in depth and 1470 mm in height. It is wine crystal in colour and has abstract patterns on it which simply adds to its elegance. In addition to this the pocket handle is ergonomically designed which ensures a sturdy and firm grip. It also allows users to open and close the door in a proper and hassle-free manner. The facia of the fridge has a high gloss finish that makes it more attractive to look at and suitable for modern hones. The fridge has three shelves made of toughened glass that allows you to keep food containers and more with ease. It also has an egg tray, utility box and a double twist ice cube tray. The refrigerator also has 2 door baskets and a transparent ice bank for convenience of the users.
Smart Inverter Compressor
The LG GL-B292SWCM double door washing machine is equipped with the all New Smart Inverter Compressor that is energy efficient and one of the most advanced compressor that saves energy. It saves upto 36 per cent energy by carefully adjusting the cooling power according to the amount of food in the refrigerator. This LG refrigerator is designed to give you excellent performance, super silent operation and saving at the same time. This New Smart Inverter Compressor is an excellent addition to this refrigerator.
Additional Features
LG GL-B292SWCM double door washing machine is loaded with numerous utilitarian features that make this appliance a must-have in your home. It also has the special The Eco-friendly feature that focuses on energy sustaining solutions through the Eco-Design. This appliance emits less carbon and does not harm the Ozone layer. Additional features like moist balance crisper, double twist ice tray and more adds to its utility. The interior of the refrigerator is well-lit as it has a Top LED function that not only saves energy but also maintain aesthetics. It also comes with a convertible box in the refrigerator can be used to store meat or veggies at the temperature that is required with a simple push of a lever. If you want to store meat and other non-vegetarian items, shift the lever to the right and to store extra veggies, shift the lever to the left. The LG GL-B292SWCM double door refrigerator is also extremely easy to clean as well as maintain. In case of any spillage, you can simply wipe the interior with a moist piece of cloth. As for the exterior, you can use a duster to keep it clean or use a refrigerator cover when it is not in use. These features help the fridge to be extremely functional and a solution to all you cooling, storing and freezing needs.
Maintenance of this refrigerator is not a hassle. The parts that are detachable and those that are not can be cleaned with a damp piece of cloth to prevent from accumulation of stains. You can also use a mild cleaning agent to clean the exterior of this refrigerator to maintain the glossy finish. When not in use, you can cover it with a refrigerator cover so that dust does not accumulate on the surface.
Wine Crystal


Brand :
Star Rating:
Double Door
Model Name:
Defrosting Type:
Frost Free
258 litres
Wine Crystal
Number of Doors:


Other Convenience Features:
Works without stabilizer: 135 V - 290 V LVS
Number of Refrigerator Shelves:


Other Dimensions:
1470 x 585 x 671 mm


Warranty Summary:
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty and 9 Year Manufacturer Warranty on Compressor