Futura Hawkins - Frying Pan (Hard Anodised) with stainless steel lid, 25 cm, 4.06 mm

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Futura Frying Pan with stainless steel top Hard Anodised: Diameter: 25 cm, Thickness: 4.06 mm, Carton measurements (WxDxH): 415 x 271 x 93 mm, Product weight in container: 1.44 kg, The additional thickness of the Futura Hard Anodised Frying Pans helps you cook without consuming with insignificant warmth control. The direction manual which accompanies each griddle gives simple tips for utilize and care and additionally tried formulas. The handles, regardless of whether plastic or stainless steel, are stay-cool and comfortable.The skillet with adjusted sides has additional stature to counteract spilling of sustenance while blending. The Tadka Pan (Spice Heating Pan) is designed for quick heating of flavourful spices and is also useful for melting butter or reheating small quantities of food.