Futura Hawkins - Frying Pan (Non-Stick), 22 cm, 3.25 mm

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Hawkins Futura Frying Pan NonStick: Diameter: 22 cm, Thickness: 3.25 mm, Carton measurements (WxDxH): 399 x 255 x 67 mm, Product weight in container: 0.97 kg, Apart from the skillet with adjusted sides and additional stature, this range likewise has the Futura Nonstick All-Purpose Pans which are more profound and can be utilized for sautã©ing, mix singing and profound fricasseeing notwithstanding their utilization as a griddle. The All-Purpose Pan accompanies a solitary long handle and, in a bigger limit, with two short handles. Both All-Purpose Pans have cozy fit arch molded covers which are reasonable for stewing; and the All-Purpose Pan with two short handles makes a rich serving dish too.