Hawkins Bigboy - Pressure Cooker, 14 lt

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Ideal for cooking for: 14-18 Persons, Base level distance across: 208 mm, Base thickness: 4.06 mm, Carton measurements (WxDxH): 445 x 290 x 360 mm, Product weight in container: 5.05 kg, The Bigboy go has been uniquely intended to cook extensive amounts of sustenance rapidly and financially. It is most valuable in eateries, lodgings, flasks in production lines, doctor's facilities, schools and universities. Additionally, containers in numerous common or military government foundations are utilizing the Hawkins Bigboy. Real cooking trials in 22 liter Bigboy weight cookers demonstrate that there is a sparing of 46% to 57% in gas utilization when cooking 15 to 16 kg of tur dal, chana masala and lamb masala. These amounts will cook in 29 to 48 minutes and would serve 50 to 100 people. The investment funds in fuel alone will pay for the Bigboy weight cooker in under a year, The 18 and 22 liter Bigboy weight cookers have a couple of strong lifting handles appended to the sides of the weight cooker for comfort in dealing with the overwhelming weight conveyed by such weight cookers. The plastic handles of all Bigboy weight cookers are produced using strengthened fiberglass for additional quality. Thus, all different parts of Bigboy weight cookers are made for substantial obligation. A bind is connected to the vent weight to counteract misfortune in occupied kitchens, Recommended for use on gas or lamp oil stoves. They may likewise be utilized on coal consuming or kindling stoves gave a reasonable hole is kept between the fuel and the base of the cooker.