Pigeon Favourite Alluminum Pressure Cooker with Inner Lid, 3 Litres, Silver

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Pigeon Special Induction Bottom 3 L Pressure Cooker (Induction Bottom, Aluminum) Food arranged by road merchants may taste scrumptious, yet have you at any point considered its nourishing worth? Turning to eatery made sustenance regular is neither solid nor practical. Be the watchman of your wellbeing and cook your own dinners ordinary quickly at all in this weight cooker from Pigeon. Material Crafted from virgin aluminum, this cooker is solid and tough. The material is likewise a decent conductor of warmth, and guarantees brisk and even dissemination of warmth for uniform cooking. Gasket and Handle The exceptional quality nitrile gasket gives the ideal seal that shields the steam from getting away. It is likewise impervious to oil stores, and subsequently is anything but difficult to clean. The Bakelite handles give agreeable grasp to holding the base and the cover while opening and shutting the cooker. Wellbeing Features The gasket discharge framework, gasket vent discharge framework, and in addition the security and weight valves enable the fitting measure of steam to escape at the suitable interims of time. Enlistment and Anti-diverting Base This cooker has an acceptance inviting base so it can be utilized on any warmth source. The counter redirecting base further expands the warm adequacy of this machine, so your nourishment gets cooked quicker and with less utilization of fuel.