Interactive Education English Learning (Pack of 8 VCD)

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Interactive Education English Learning is a learning resource designed to teach English language to kids in a interactive and engaging manner. Wide range of topics are covered, which include the alphabets, both basics and advanced grammar and vocabulary. There are 8 levels covered in this learning pack. Level 1 introduces topics like alphabets and how to write them, words and sentences for words related to alphabets. Activities, examples and exercises are also included in this level for better understanding of the basic concepts in English. Level 2 covers vocabulary, fun with sounds and conversation skills and explains 21 different occasions and ways of conversations.

Level 3 of Interactive Education English Learning focuses on the nuances of English language, by concentrating on concepts like punctuations, similar words, matching words, opposite words and tenses. Other topics covered under this level include capital letters, sentences, paragraph and stories. Level 4 is devoted to explaining the parts of speech in English grammar, which includes noun, pronoun, adverb, adjective, interjection, conjunctions and prepositions. A section also covers articles. Level 5 revisits topics like adverb, punctuations, stories, tense and adverb. Level 6 includes sentence, subject-verb agreement, noun and adjective.

Level 7 of this set has sections called correct your English, forms of verb, conversations and stories. The CD ends with topics like active and passive voice, letter writing, paragraph writing and stories. Ways to improve one's vocabulary is also included in this last level. Interactive Education English Learning helps children master the English language in a fun and effective manner. The approach used here is very systematic.

Interactive Education English Learning (Pack Of 8 VCD) was released by Eagle Home Entertainment. It has U rating and is available in Hindi. Hindi subtitles are alsoprovided.