Science: The Definitive Visual Guide Hardcover 1 Aug 2012by DK (Author), Adam Hart-Davis (Editor)

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Science has changed a lot over the centuries right from a small wheel to handheld devices. What was preposterous a generation ago is now a reality. Science has moved at a fast pace since the days of the industrial revolution that began in England a few centuries ago and it played a key role in unleashing the true talent of scientists and researchers. Since then, science has come of age and now plays a key role in just about everything that we do. Science: The Definitive Visual Guide is a book that travels across generations and looks at the ways in which science has developed and enhanced the living conditions of people around the world.

The first major scientific discovery was the invention of wheel. Wheel made it easier to haul heavy loads and was revolutionary in its design. Since that age, various civilisations have contributed a whole lot of things towards the development of mankind. Right from Greek mathematicians who developed some of the most remarkable theorems that are still in use to the 21st century climatic solutions that are being used to reverse the potentially disastrous effects of global warming, this book discusses it all. Every key moment in history has been captured beautifully in this book with a lot of information on the brains behind the technology to the concept and the result of the work.

With breathtaking photographs accompanying each scientific discovery, the book makes even difficult and incomprehensible scientific concepts seem easy. The photos add a great value to the book and make it a lot more appealing to the masses.

Science: The Definitive Visual Guide, written by Adam Hart-Davis, is a remarkable book for the reason that it captures nearly every seminal work of science that impacted humanity and presents it in a way that is intriguing as well as inspiring. The reissue edition of the book was published by Penguin UK in 2012 and is available in hardcover.