Nursery Rhymes (Set 2) Pack of 6 VCD

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Nursery Rhymes Set 2 6 DVD Set contains all-time favourite nursery rhymes for children like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star; Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat; Jack and Jill Went up the Hill; Old McDonald had a farm; Do the Boogie Woogie and many more. The DVD also features the Hindi versions of the same songs like Tim Tim Nanha Tara, Meow Billi meow Billi, Raju aur Uski Rani, Chacha ke Bagan me and Gol Gol Ghumau. Another DVD contains the rhymes in 3D visual so that your child can watch as well as listen to the rhymes at the same time. We also have a collection Nursery Rhymes Set 2 Hindi On DVD with 37 popular Hindi rhymes like Aaloo Kachalo Beta, Re Mama Re Mama Re, Ye hain Meri Gudiya Rani.

Nursery Rhymes Set 2 DVD Set also has a collection of rhymes and tutorials for pre-school children whose age range from one to three years. The DVD contains alphabets, counting from one to 10 in English as well as Hindi, colours, name of domestic animals, wild animals and also good habits for children like washing hands before meal, among others. Let your child learn melody and rhymes from the collection of easy rhymes. Nursery Rhymes 6 DVD Set pre-school collection also includes tutorials on shapes, manners, eating time and fun activities to keep children engaged while learning. Our collection of DVDs will help in boosting your toddler's ability to understand as much information at the age when they are more open to new things. The knowledge base will help them stimulate their intelligence right from a tender age.