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The Worlds Greatest Short Stories is a compilation of some of the best short-stories in the history of English literature, which come from the nineteenth and twentieth century. This engaging book contains various short-stories by reputed authors such as Hemingway, Thomas Mann, D.H. Lawrence, Anton Chekhov and many more.

Hailing from different countries and regions such as America, Ireland, the United Kingdom and Western Europe, this book is an entertaining consolidation of diverse stories which cover a broad range of topics and themes. Because of the variety of writers involved, the writing styles found in the book are both unique and gripping. A Clean, Well-Lighted Place is a short masterpiece by Hemingway, exploring the philosophy of nothingness. Another interesting read is the short comical narration by John Updike, titled A and P, which delves into the moral values of a consumer-conditioned society.

Although these tales hail from a long time ago, their timeless content shines through even today. Suitable for any lover of literature, this book offers a plethora of classics to read and enjoy. This first edition of The Worlds Greatest Short Stories was published by Jaico Publishing House in 1989. It is available in paperback format.