Modern Classics My Autobiography (Penguin Modern Classics) Paperback 25 Feb 2003by Charles Chaplin (Author)

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My Autobiography (Modern Classics) is the autobiography of one of the most prominent and well known comedians worldwide, Charles Charlie Chaplin. Charlie Chaplin played the role of a comedian in many silent movies and is praised till today for the his legendary slapstick routines

My Autobiography (Modern Classics) talks about the life of one of the greatest filmmakers and comedians, with an introduction by David Robinson. The book tells the reader about the events in the childhood of the Charlie Chaplin that drove him to dream to become an actor, and chronicles the various hardships he faced in reaching his goal. Having been born into a theatrical family, the world of acting was never anew to Chaplin but he faced many challenges due to poverty and the untimely death of his drunkard father, leaving behind his mother mentally unstable and unable to cope with the harsh economy. All these factors drove Chaplin to make his first official debut in acting on the Music Hall Stage. The book also talks about the worldwide fame Charlie Chaplin acquired after the success of his film The Little Tramp, and also the various harsh events that followed suit in the form of failed marriages and personal scandals which lead to his exile from Hollywood.