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Coding Interview Questions written by Narasimha Karumanchi. The book is offerings interview question and design forms in simple and candid manner with a clear-cut clarification. This book will offer an overview to the fundamentals. It book is very useful guide for computer scientists.

You need to have some basic knowledge about the computer science to take advantage of this book. Main motive of the book is not only to show the right approach to solve the question, but also make you efficient as a performer. The book has followed a format of refining the problem clarifications with different complexities, like for each problem, you will see variety of solutions with different approach in data formation and algorithmic problems. Basically, it is an inventory of possible solutions. With this method, even if you face a new question it provides us a way to think about all likely solutions. For all other subjects, it will act as nourishment. This book is very much beneficial for cracking any interview, competitive exams preparation and campus preparations.

As a job hunter if you read the whole book comprehensively, then you can solve any challenges during the interview time. The book is real a treasure for Engineering Degree and Masters students as well. All the chapters of this book features plenty of theory and their associate problems. Here is a quick view of the index, 1: Programming Basics 2: Introduction 3: Recursion and Backtracking 4: Linked Lists 5: Stacks 6: Queues 7: Trees 8: Priority Queue and Heaps 9: Graph Algorithms 10: Sorting 11: Searching 12: Selection Algorithms (Medians)

This is not the end, many important chapters in this book you can go through by availing it. It is easily available in Amazon India.

About the author:

Narasimha Karumanchi writes for Amazon Corporation, India and is an experienced software developer by occupation. He has earlier worked for IBM labs, Mentor Graphics and Microsoft.