Yoga: Your Ultimate Beginner's Guide On How To Use Yoga To Maximize Weight Loss And Live The Stress-Free Life Of Your Dreams! (Yoga For Beginners, Yoga Books, Meditation, Yoga At Home,) Paperback – Import, 23 Jul 2016 by Debeena Harris

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LOSE THE EXCESS FLAB FROM YOUR BODY AND MIND WITH THIS SIMPLE YOGA BOOK! Welcome to the World of Yoga! In this book you will discover what Yoga really represents and how Yoga can help you transform your life into a life really worth living.Yoga is the perfect way to lose the excess flab from your body AND mind and you are about to find out how... We live in a world that focuses so much on the materialistic side of life and pays even lesser attention to the spiritual side. The truth is, we can lie to ourselves for so long, but eventually the need for internal joy and fulfillment will win the game. The secret lies within. Yoga is a practice of focusing our flow of energy inward instead of outward. You are aiming for introspection, a stress-free state of mind, a pleasure that doesn't come from any outside source but rather from your own enjoyment of your own life.You have to reach a unity within yourself, to become one with your own thoughts and accept yourself for who you are, with both your good and bad sides.Yoga can help you achieve this state of mind, at the same time empowering you to change other aspects of your life you find displeasing. Along with THREE SIMPLE ROUTINES that will help you rid yourself of the excess weight and stress, this book also provides you with everything you need to know about yoga. From the various myths about yoga to all you'll ever need for a home-based practice, from simple tips to some essential poses aimed at enhancing your life, this book offers it all! Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn... What Yoga Really IsBasic Misconceptions About YogaBenefits Of YogaDifferent Types Of YogaEssential Equipment For Every BeginnerBasic Poses For BeginnersThe 7-Minute Weight Loss SequenceA 30-Minute Daily Routine For Shaping And Toning Your Body15 Minutes A Day For A Stress-Free LifeMudras For Weight LossVisualization For Weight LossFinding The Perfect Yoga StudioAnd Much, much more valuable content! So... ARE YOU READY FOR THIS JOURNEY? ...Fasten your seatbelts and gear up for an interesting Yoga journey with me! BUY YOUR COPY TODAY!