Little Mermaid - Special EditionRated: U (Universal) Format: DVD

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The Little Mermaid movie is an animated film about a joyful and naughty mermaid, Ariel. She is the youngest daughter of Triton, the king of the Sea. Ariel is unhappy with her life in the sea and wants to go to the surface to be among humans. Aware of the danger that is associated with humans, Triton always tells Ariel to be under the water where she is safe. Disobeying her father's orders, she goes to the sea surface. She encounters Prince Eric while swimming on the sea surface, after which she falls head over heel in love with him. On her quest to fulfil her dreams, she decides to go to the sea witch, Ursula to turn herself into a human. Watch Little Mermaid full movie to find out if Ariel succeeds in uniting with her Prince charming.

Created wonderfully with colourful animation and great music, your kids will certainly like this fun-filled Little Mermaid special edition. Ariel believes that Ursula will help her get out of the sea and be with the one she loves. She goes to Ursula to make a deal, but Ursula has other wicked plans in her mind. Winning her dream prince's love is Ariel's ultimate goal. On the other hand, all Ursula wants is world domination and wishes nothing more than to take over Triton's position. Will Ariel be able to save her father's kingdom? Will she be able to win her prince's love? Enjoy the underwater adventure and fun with this Little Mermaid DVD as Ariel, along with her best friends, tries to save her and father's kingdom from the wicked sea witch.