The ExorcistEllen Burstyn (Actor), Max Von Sydow (Actor), William Friedkin (Director) Rated: A (Adults Only) Format: Blu-ray

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The horror movie Exorcist is one supernatural horror film that needs no introduction. Made in 1973, this movie is directed by William Friedkin and adapted by Peter Blatty from his own bestselling novel. It stars Linda Blair who plays the role of Regan, the daughter of actress Chris McNeil, played by Ellen Burstyn. A unique tale of horror, religion and exorcism, the movie keeps you glued with fear to your seats. Rumored to be inspired by true events which the writer had heard of, it is considered one of the all time classics of Hollywood. The Exorcist movie is also the first horror movie to win the Academy award for Best Film and was nominated in 10 other categories. Featuring a superb soundtrack, it redefined the horror genre and had an eerie feel which is incomparable to any other film.

During a dig in Iraq, archeologist and priest Father Lankester Merrin (Max von Sydow) finds an amulet that resembles Pazuzu, a demon whom he had encountered and defeated in the past. In the U.S., actress Chris McNeil begins to notice strange abnormal behavioral patterns in Regan. In the Exorcist 1973 full movie, she displays unusual physical strength. Despite numerous medical tests, one can't find the reason behind Regan's behavior. After the death of Burke Dennings (Jack McGowran), Chris's British director, Chris decides to seek help from father Damien Karras (Jason Miller) who disagrees initially but later seeks help from Lankester Merrin to perform an exorcism to free Regan, who they believe is possessed by Pazuzu. With superb special effects including the famous spider crawl scene, the Exorcist English movie is a must watch which you should buy today!