Lego Gali Uniter of Water, Multi Color

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Turn the tide of the battle, and rise up against umarak the hunter and his army. Cross raging oceans to unite with the ancient creatures, protect the islanders, and stand up for justice for all who live on okoto. Gali uniter of water features a bionicle head with mask pop off trigger, unity mask of water, armor chest plate with rune decorations, unity piece to attach elemental creatures and posable joints. Weapons include elemental blade spear of water. Accessory elements include the golden unity mask of water and elemental shoulder plate armor. Activate the torso wheel to wield the weapon. Pop the trigger of the toa2019;s bionicle head to release the unity mask of water and power up with golden unity mask of water. Sturdy design for intense action play. Combine with 71302 akida creature of water in one simple click with the unity piece and lock on the creature2019;s mask to become invincible. Add on other creatures in the 2016 Lego bionicle series to create new combinations of battle powers.

5 - 8 Years