Peacock Aeromech

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A Construction Play Set for Children For kids who have been fascinated with the idea of flying, the Peacock Aeromech play set can be an extremely useful option. Comprising 165 blocks including the interlocking joints, this toy is extremely easy to assemble making it even more interesting for children. Additionally, the use of vibrant colours adds to the attractiveness of the design of this Aeromech aircraft set. Thanks to its compact size, accommodating this aircraft set in your child's play area does not block too much space. Apart from being an engaging indoor activity, assembling the aircraft set also helps in improving the hand-eye coordination of your child. Enhances the Creative Skills of Your Child This toy plane building kit gives your kids the liberty to assemble the pieces in a configuration of their liking enabling them to create different types of aircrafts from the same pieces, which helps in enhancing their creativity.Disassembling the toy plane is also equally easy. Boys as well as girls in the age group of four years and above will enjoy playing with this toy helicopter building kit. To add more fun, this set also comes with a miniature pilot. Regularly playing this game also aids in the development of motor skills of your child.

3 - 5 Years