LEGO Bionicle 70780 Protector of Water Building Kit

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Blast the Skull Spider out of the water with the Protector of Water! Fight the Skull Spider with LEGO BIONICLE Protector of Water with dual-tone mask and Elemental Torpedo Blaster featuring a rapid shooter. Watch out! The Skull Spider is trying to burst the bubbles of the Protectors' underwater village. Blow this unwanted visitor out of the water with the Protector of Water's rapid-shooting Elemental Torpedo Blaster. This robust figure, with BIONICLE head and shell and 2 turbines, is built for action play, so don't delay - intercept the evil foe before it grabs the mask and seizes power from the Protectors. Features a BIONICLE head with dual-tone mask and mask pop-off trigger, BIONICLE shell, 2 turbines, Elemental Torpedo Blaster with 2 spears, rapid shooter and ammunition, and posable joints.

5 - 8 Years