Baby Alive Hasbro Brushy Baby Doll - Blonde

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Baby Alive Bru shy Bru shy Baby Doll - Blonde View larger Baby Alive Bru shy Bru shy Baby Blonde Baby Alive dolls bring love and joy to life for your little girl. She can enjoy a realistic, nurturing experience while feeding Baby Alive dolls that eat and drink, and then changing their diapers to keep them clean and dry. Or, for moms and little girls who prefer a non-diapering nurturing experience, Baby Alive offers baby dolls with a great variety of other play scenarios and accessories that will engage a little girl's imagination. Most of the Baby Alive dolls also make adorable baby sounds and speak a sweet variety of phrases in response to your little girl's actions, adding even more fun to her realistic, nurturing experience! Baby Alive Bru shy Bru shy Baby doll drinks and wets! She also comes with a spinning toothbrush and pretend toothpaste so your little girl can help her get ready for bed! Drinks From Her BottleView larger She Drinks From a Bottle Baby Alive Bru shy Bru shy Baby doll loves to drink from her bottle as part of her bedtime routine. After brushing her baby doll's teeth, your little girl can begin to get her ready for bed by holding her sweetly in her arms and giving her a fresh, soothing bottle of water. Before putting Bru shy Bru shy Baby to bed, she'll need a diaper change, but then, just like a real mommy, your little girl can cuddle her and rock her to sleep. Wets Her Diaper View larger She Wets her Diaper Like babies do, Baby Alive Brushy Bru shy Baby doll will wet her diaper after your little girl gives her a bottle of water. Just like a real mommy, she will then need to change Bru shy Bru shy Baby doll's wet diaper by gently wiping her bottom and putting on a dry diaper. (Includes 1 diaper; Refills sold separately).

1 - 3 Years