Baby Alive Plays And Giggles Blonde Baby Doll

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View larger Baby Alive Plays and Giggles Baby - Blonde Baby Alive dolls bring love and joy to life for your little ones. With dolls that eat, drink, and wet, your little girl can enjoy a realistic baby experience. And then with our baby dolls that pretend to eat and drink, without the cleanup, your little girl's imagination will soar as she loves and laughs with her Baby Alive dolls. With many play scenarios and accessories, Baby Alive dolls of all types will always find a place in your little girl's heart. Baby Doll Reacts to Movement View larger Baby Doll Reacts to Your Movement Baby Alive Plays and Giggles Baby doll will bring out the fun and giggles in your little girl. This baby doll is all about fun and love. Plays and Giggles Baby doll reacts to movement and likes to tell you how much fun she's having. Bounce your Plays and Giggles Baby doll and she asks to bounce again. Spin her in circles and she'll let you know she's dizzy. Moving and playing with Plays and Giggles Baby doll is so much fun. Adorable Giggles and Phrases Add to the Fun Baby Doll Speaks and Giggles Your little girl will delight in the precious baby giggles that come out of this Baby Alive doll, and you will delight in the precious giggles that this baby doll brings out of your little girl! When you squeeze Plays and Giggles Baby doll's hand, she speaks in her baby voice, inviting your little girl to twirl and bounce and cuddle with her. She also loves to pretend fly and may ask to go higher! Soft Body for Hugging View larger Soft Hug gable Baby Doll Loves to Cuddle After all of the active playtime that your little girl and Play and Giggles Baby will share, they can snuggle up together as she reads her a bedtime story or rocks her to sleep. This Baby Alive doll has a soft body that just begs to be hugged. And your little girl will beam with pride when Baby Alive Plays and Giggles Baby tells her that she gives the best hugs!

1 - 3 Years