Nerf Nstrike Elite Rampage Blaster

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Product Description This dart blasting gun from Nerf N-Strike provides you with elite power of the N-Strike. The Nerf and Strike features a drum magazine that can hold 25 darts connected to the barrel that can shoot as far as 75 feet. Firing Modes This Nerf N-Strike elite rampage features two firing modes. One, the normal single firing mode in which you fire one dart at a time. and the slam fire mode that gives the power of firing all the 25 darts rapidly with just a sliding action of the slam fire handle. Just keep the trigger held and down and slide the slam fire handle repeatedly and you will be able to hit your target with a storm of darts. Universally Compatible All the accessories and darts that come with this new Nerf N-Srtike elite rampage buster are compatible with all other products of Nerf N-Strike. You can also add a clip system blaster along with the 25 dart drum magazine to enhance your blaster's capability. The elite darts provided with this nerf n-strike elite rampage can be used with any elite blaster and most of the standard blasters also. High Quality The material used for making the main body of new Nerf n Strike elite and its accessories are of topmost quality. The gun is durable and easy-to-use. The retail packaging consists of the rampage body, 25-dart drum magazine, drum connector and 25 elite darts. Key Features Recommended for ages 6 and up Easily customisable Shooting range of 75 feet

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